Publishing Idea #4: Maps

Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
David Anthony Durham’s Acacia

Isn’t it awesome when you open a book and find a detailed map on the inside? I love that.
The problem, though, is that you don’t want to look at the map too closely or you ruin the story. I’m wondering if there’s a better way.
I have a solution for both paper books and e-books. For paper books, you actually include a map at the beginning of each chapter that reveals all known information up until that point. It doesn’t even have to be a fantasy book–if you have several characters doing different things in separate locations, track their footsteps (if that information adds to the experience of the book). As you progress through the book, the map gets bigger and bigger until you get to the back cover, and you see the full map of the newly revealed world you just discovered.
With ebooks, you essentially incorporate the same function into the book as often as you’d like. The map can be a drop-down option that you can access at any time. The key is that it wouldn’t show the entire map. Remember the original Warcraft computer game? When you’d start a new map, you could only see the area that was directly around your little orc until he explored. Same with the ebook map widget. The more your characters explore, the more of their world you can see.

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One Comment on “Publishing Idea #4: Maps”

  1. readwritenow Says:

    ooh! I love maps!

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