the future of publishing (continuing discussion)

I follow agent’s blogs. It’s a great way to learn about publishing and to understand the challenges agents face. This new adventure in publishing, Blank Slate Press, is exciting and wonderful, but the impetus for getting into publishing in the first place is that as a reader and a struggling (all writers struggle) writer, there’s no industry I’d rather dive into. (And since I’m approaching 50, the industry is in flux, there are fantastic authors in our area writing, and struggling, and just waiting to be discovered, we figured there’s no better time than now.) And since we’re new to the scene, we’re trying to learn as much as we can as fast as we can.

As a writer (this is Kristy speaking here) I’ve only sent out a couple of tentative queries and have never put any real effort into getting anything published. (Perhaps that’s because I’m never satisfied enough to call something “finished”…or maybe it’s because I’ve actually never finished anything.) However, I subscribe to several writer’s forums and read daily the exasperating and demoralizing rejection letters writers get from agents. So, following agent’s blogs allows me to see the world from their point of view. And one blog I love to read is Colleen Lindsay’s.

Her recent entry on how changing the model of agent/writer relationships and writer advances, and the related discussions on Twitter, have been fascinating. I recommend you check it out:

Also, via twitter, I found a reference to a post she wrote in 2008 about the economics of book tours and why more and more publishers and authors are staying home. Just imagine how much technology and social media have changed since then.

Check that post out here:

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