Killer Nashville

I had a great time at Killer Nashville yesterday and am up and ready to roll on another great day. Yesterday, I sat in on sessions about writing dialogue, balancing romance and suspense, pacing the mystery/thriller/suspense novel, and listened to a former Marine sergeant talk about his days as a sniper both in the field and as a trainer. Also, I got to meet several other small publishers and lots of published and unpublished writers. Today, I’m going to:

  1. How to write a Killer Synopsis with panelists Amy Burkhardt, Deni Dietz, Cari Foulk, Jeff Gerecke, and Jill Marr-Moderator Nancy Sartor
  2. Writing and Selling Historical Fiction with panelists Susanne Adair, Graham Brown, Marion Hill, and Charles Todd- Moderator: Stacy Allen
  3. An interview session and discussion about writing crime novels with Jeffery Deaver and Moderator: Clay Stafford
  4. 2010: A Publishing Odyssey: An Insider’s Look Into the Future of Publishing with Moderator Clay Stafford and panelists Jeffery Deaver, Robbie Bryan (Barnes & Noble), Greg Bruss (Mysteries & More), Jeff Gerecke (Agent), Amy Burkhardt (Agent-Kimberley Cameron), Deni Dietz (Editor- Five Star/Tekno), Laurie Edwards (Publisher- Leap Books), Janet Lee (Ingram Representative), Paul MacArthur (National Writers Union Representative), Tom Robinson (Publicist), Beth Terrell (Author)
  5. Agent Q & A with Jeff Gerecke, Agent, Jill Marr (Agent- Sandra Dijkstra Agency), Cari Foulk (Agent-Tribe Literary Agency)
  6. Then after dinner, hopefully I’ll get up the nerve to get out my guitar and join the “Coffin Bangers,” the Killer Nashville Impromptu  Jam Band.
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