From the WSJ-The ABCs of E-Reading

This is from yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. The gist is that most people with an e-reader (I have a Kindle) read more or are least buying more books. That is certainly true for me. I’m still buying books that I want to own, that I want to treasure and keep on my bookshelf, in “book” form, but for books that I want to read for simple pleasure, I’m buying on my Kindle. For instance, I write historical fiction/romance/mystery and so I’ve been going through a frenzy of reading similar books. Books that I probably would never have purchased new. We have a great used bookstore in our neighborhood and I could go and stock up there, but I’m talking a lot of books. I’ve probably read 15-20 romance/mysteries in the last two months and they won’t all fit next to my bed and they’re certainly not keepsake material, so it makes sense to read them on the Kindle.

Anyway, here’s the article:

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