2 losers. 2 lottery tickets. 1 winner.

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Fortune Smiles
© Ken McGee
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Lie back now, and I’ll tell you a story.  No, with your arm over your head like this.  Perfect.  Obrigado.  You are perfect.  God, I love the women in Rio.

Let’s see where to begin: with a moral, I guess.  One small act of kindness can change your whole life.  How’s that?  I know because I performed the tiniest possible kindness one night, and everything changed.  I simply knocked on old Powell’s door to ask if he wanted anything from the QuikTrip up the street.  That was all.

Powell had the apartment just below mine and was this friendless, gross older guy who floated from job to job spending most of his free time reading science fiction and watching Cardinals games. I had only talked to him a couple of times before, so it was quite a nice gesture to do that errand for him.

The Cardinals?  They’re a sports team we have in St. Louis.  Yes, like a soccer team, sort of.

Powell.  He opened the door wearing a sweat suit, the tops and bottoms unmatched and tattered, and was so happy that I had considered his needs that he could barely contain his joy.  He wanted only a six-pack of Busch and a lottery ticket.

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5 Comments on “2 losers. 2 lottery tickets. 1 winner.”

  1. Marta Rallis Says:

    A very clever and interesting short story by Mr. McGee with an unpredictable, but much appreciated ending.
    Look forward to more of his stories.

  2. Chuck Lagreco Says:

    The only thing I would quibble about was the title as from my perspective this story creates a win / win. It would be interesting to know if the shallow satisfactions of money for sex for our anti-hero were really life changing,(perhaps a follow up story,) but it is clear that without the author’s perspective,the looser down the hall also came out of the experience on the plus side, as did the readers.

  3. Ilene Jones Says:

    I’ve always thought of this scribbler’s written work (& personality) as extremely bright and witty.

    The story to me tells the story of all of us. We see the surface of the water, but what’s lurking underneath those seas? We say and even do things all day long in our human interactions with friend and foe, but what do we REALLY think? What do they think? Are they down at the bottom of the sea swimming with the sharks? Do we really want to know?

  4. Jill Devereaux Says:

    I was totally captivated with Mr. McGee’s writing. Would love to see more of this talented author. The ending was dynamite. I think he should make the jump from short story to novel to silver screen!

  5. John Thomas Says:

    A most enjoyable story presented with wit and interesting human nature perspective. What would I have done in that situation? The hero in this story came up with a creative maneuver that made him a big winner with no apparent loser. Or was there?

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