Choose Your Own Adventure…or Not?

Have you ever wanted an author to make a different choice than he or she did? Have you ever wanted that so badly that you wouldn’t mind at all if the author released a new edition of the book with the alternative choice?

The choices authors make define their works. Let’s use a commonly known example (SPOILER ALERT): JK Rowling decided that Harry Potter would live. Huge choice. Some might say she chickened out, but I’m guessing that most fans are happy that Harry made it.

But if Harry hadn’t made it? Is there an early revision of Book 7 when he didn’t? What does that world look like? And most importantly, would you want to read it?

My guess is that 99% of the time, we want authors to make choices for us. Books feel more “real” that way. We want to know what “really” happens.

And yet I’m intrigued by that 1%. Do you know any books that fall into that 1%? Books where you wish the author had given you the power to make a choice, or the option of choosing between two books that reflect the two different choices?

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