It’s official. Blank Slate Press has changed the price of our ebooks (The Samaritan [Kindle/Nook] and Dancing with Gravity [Kindle/Nook]) to $4.99.

This isn’t a price reduction. It’s a paradigm shift. We think we have fantastic authors, and we want the most people to read their debut novels. We believe the changing our base ebook price will change the way that new readers make purchasing decisions about our books.

And let’s face it, our authors are new novelists. These aren’t brand names. Stephen King can charge $12.99 for an ebook because he’s Stephen King. It doesn’t mean that our authors don’t have King-level talent; it just means that the masses haven’t heard of our authors yet, while King is a household name.

We’ll be up front and say this: We’re trying it out. We’re a small publisher, so we have the flexibility to try out pretty much anything we want within a few hours of the idea’s inception. Thus we might stick with $4.99. Maybe we’ll go back up to $9.99. Or maybe we’ll even lower our standard price again someday.

What do you think?

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4 Comments on “$4.99”

  1. Toby Dorr Says:

    I think that lowering your ebook prices are a great way to attract readers to a particular author!!

  2. oh Says:

    I think it’s awesome that you’ll even consider lowering your prices in order to get new authors some excellent book exposure!
    I’m delighted you posted on my blog. I will try to get to your event on April 7 from all the way out here in the ‘burbs, but books are a passion and writing even more so…

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