Author Interaction

The other day I saw a cool request that David Anthony Durham wrote about on his blog. Durham is the author of a light fantasy trilogy called Acacia. The first two books have been published, and the third will be released in October.

Durham’s request was fans of the trilogy tell him what types of Acacia stories they’d like to see in novella form. Durham has created this massive world, and his books have pretty much followed four characters, so what about all the other people win the world? Who do we want to hear more about?

I think this is pretty brilliant, reaching out to the readers in this way. This is a different type of choose your own adventure–it’s not the readers deciding how the characters act or what happens with the plot. Instead, it’s reminiscent of an audience sitting around a campfire with Durham at the helm, asking him to tell us about this or that or whatever intrigues us. Tell us more, we’re given an opportunity to say, and specifically, tell us about this.

If you’ve read Blank Slate Press’s The Samaritan or Dancing with Gravity, what do you want to know more about? Are there spinoffs that intrigue you?

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2 Comments on “Author Interaction”

  1. Zack Barnes Says:

    I think that is a great idea. I think it’s great for the author to interact with readers. I want to read novels of authors who are very interactive.

  2. Brian Sweany Says:

    The predictable choice for a SAMARITAN spin-off would be a story narrated by Mack, but the better, more complete book would be one told by Rae. I’m thinking something reminiscent of Larry Brown’s FAY.

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