3 Must-See Websites for Readers and Writers

  1. Amazon Kindle Daily Deals: For quite some time, I’ve wondered why there’s no daily deals site specifically for books. With eBooks, it would be so incredibly easy to discount a book for a day and even cap it at a certain number of buyers if you won’t. However, I’m glad I didn’t pursue the idea myself, because Amazon is MUCH better equipped to run this site, and they finally are. A must-subscribe.
  2. ScriptShadow: A guy named Carson Reeves writes one in-depth review of a movie script every day on this site. Some are movies that have been mad. Others are currently being made. And others–written by professionals and amateurs–may never be made. Regardless of whether or not you’re interested in writing screenplays, this is an indispensable site for writers. If you don’t have time to read the full review every day, just skip down to the “What I Learned” section for fantastic advice about how you can write a better story.
  3. Popcorn Fiction: If you want to read one truly entertaining short story every week, subscribe (for free) to Popcorn Fiction. A guy named Derek Haas wanted to create a place for new, popular short fiction, and he has succeeded in spades. I look forward to the e-mail every week, which is a rare thing for me to say about e-mails I receive on a weekly basis.
I’m missing some great sites that I consider already really well know, but feel free to mention them in the comments. What am I missing?
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