Small Business Saturday

Yesterday, Kristy and I (Jamey) were talking about Black Friday. The conversation went roughly like this:

“Do you ever go shopping on Black Friday?’

“Ugh. Never. It’s consumerism at its worst.”

“I know, right? Did you hear about the lady who pepper sprayed her way to the front of the line? Unbelievable.”

“Small Business Saturday seems pretty cool, though. I definitely support that concept.”

“Oh, definitely.”

There was a pause in the conversation, and then it dawned on us at the same time…we’re a small business. Blank Slate Press is the epitome of a small business. We have Kristy carefully going over our authors’ manuscripts line by line, formatting the novels for print and ebooks, coordinating the printing and distribution, and taking care of a thousand other details that come with running a small business. We have Jamey coordinating zany techniques to get the word out about the books, working with authors to hone their social media presence, and processing new author applications. And Jason is behind the scenes the whole time supporting the company in other words.

But don’t buy our books simply because we’re a small business. Buy our books because they’re great books. Anene has received numerous requests to speak, as has Fred. Fred’s novel, The Samaritan, was even mentioned in USA Today yesterday. Our third author is wrapping up the third or fourth revision of his novel right now–we can assure you that it’s incredible.

On Small Business Saturday, root for the little guys who create beautiful things: Buy a Blank Slate Press book today. You can see all the different ways and formats here.

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